About the Project

This website is the hub of a research project interested in how the environments of childhood changed in the North East in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. By working with local communities and studying local archival material it seeks to ask:

1. How did children in the North East engage with and shape the natural environment in the context of deindustrialisation and the rise of new anxieties about children and the ‘outdoors’?

2. In what ways were children’s experiences of the natural world shaped by expert opinion and public policy of the period?

3. How does the gathering and analysis of oral testimony enable children to be placed at the center of their story?

The 3-year project (2020-2023) is headed by Louis Holland Bonnett, and is primarily supervised by Dr Matthew Kelly at Northumbria University. It is also supervised by Dr Leona Skelton and Dr Laura Tisdall. It is funded by Northern Bridge.

Oral History Methods and Ethics

Here is written about oral history methods and ethics.

About Me

My name is Louis and I am a PhD student and the person behind this history project about childhoods in the North East.

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